Terms and Conditions

Please read the following to clearly understand the full process:

Choose your length Color Shade.
Checkout and pay in full.
We will contact you within 4 days to schedule a Zoom meeting and provide you with more information on the process..
After the initial Zoom consultation, we will ship out a few choices to choose from.
Choose one and return all the remaining wigs within 10 days with your prepaid return label.
We will adjust price and refund or charge the difference if there is a change in length.
Enjoy your new Dini Fall!

When you purchase this product you are accepting the following.

After the fall is purchased, a Dini teammate will reach out within 4 days to schedule a Zoom consult. After the Zoom consultation, we will send out a few choices to choose from and will place a hold on your credit card for the cost of the additional falls. We will send a prepaid return label and all remaining wigs must be returned within 10 days from receipt. If the wigs show any wear or usage, or we don't receive them back in time, you will be charged the total hold amount. If during the Zoom consultation, there is a price difference due to length, will refund/charge the difference.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. If after the Zoom meeting, the customer decides they are not satisfied with any of the choices, the customer has a courtesy period of 6 months to choose a wig that they will be satisfied with. The customer must select a wig within the 6 month courtesy period or they forfeit their payment. We do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges on any wigs. Our Stock does vary since each wig is unique and not mass produced.